GRAVIDI Digital Media Authoring Platform

Rapid Development of Interactive Content, Activities and Assessments

GRAVIDI’s multimedia authoring platform enables clients to quickly create and deploy dynamic, interactive video for eLearning, training, and marketing.

  • A simple solution for creating “bite-sized” interactive content

Embed any kind of file or live web page into any video – include assessments, PowerPoints, surveys, APIs, games, calls-to-action, ads, literally any kind of file.

  • Measure outcomes, ensure compliance

Insert in-line quizzes, tests, polls, and surveys for assessment and compliance; track and quantify user consumption, interaction and engagement.

  • Serve and publish everywhere

Embed our HTML5 player with pop-out content windows anywhere via AWS or on an internal server. Content can also be delivered simply, as an embeddable link to a URL.


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